Holmes Chapel Camera Club

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27th August 2015

Images of Summer – members to submit one image taken over the summer holiday.  Discussion of Flickr site.

Introduction to new committee


10th September


15 mins - How to submit images and

prints for competitions

100 mins - Ansel Adams video


Holmes Chapel Camera Club is all about helping you, with your photography, whether you’ve just started or have been making photographs for years.  Our members range from young to old, and photograph just about anything from macro to landscape and everything in between.


The club meets every other Thursday in the room at the back of the library in the centre of Holmes Chapel from 8pm to 10pm, on the dates shown on the right.


We offer a range of activities from lectures, demonstrations, practical evenings and talks from a variety of guest speakers.


Holmes Chapel Camera Club is a member of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union.  We run internal competitions throughout the season which are judged by accredited L&CPU judges, and we enter L&CPU competitions as a club and as individual members. 


Our group on flickr:-



Members can upload one image per day.



24th September

Open Competition – any subject

Up to 3 digital and up to 3 prints – colour or mono.


 8th October

Robert Shaw Trophy – Victoria Club, Holmes Chapel


22nd October

Photography Talk from Mid-Cheshire College – Photographs by Press Photographer Terry Kane

Followed by discussion of Photography Degree at Mid Cheshire College.


5th November


Members Talk – The Deserts of the Southwest USA – Teresa McFarquhar


19th November

Folio review L&CPU

Followed by coffee and informal advice and discussion chat


3rd December

Hollywood lighting for portraits.  How to achieve that 1940’s/50’s Hollywood look using inexpensive lighting – Owen Lloyd

***This event is mostly demonstration*** Do bring your camera, lights, triggers and something to act as a snoot if you want to discuss how to setup your specific camera and lights to achieve this look.

10th December

Developing your images in Lightroom by Owen Lloyd – images before and after and how to do a panoramic photo.


Take control of your image development with Lightroom’s develop module.    We’ll look at the advances made in recent versions of Adobe Lightroom such as HDR merge, panoramas, selective and global de-haze, and the new brush features on the local adjustment tools.

14th January 2016

Panoramics – members submitting a panoramic of their favourite landscape, sharing locations with the club.


28th January


Photography talk – Dave Butcher – City Light


11th February

Open Competition – any subject

Up to 3 digital and up to 3 prints – colour or mono.


Date TBA

Winter Photo Trip - TBA


18th February

Battle with Alsager - hosted by Alsager


25th February

Members Talk – Triglav National Park - Chris Davies


10th March


One Light, many looks.  How to get the most out of just one Speedlight and some inexpensive reflectors and brollies. – Owen Lloyd

Inspired by Bob Harrington’s B&H lecture, we’ll look at mastering one speedlight on and off camera.

18/19th March

North Cheshire Challenge - Poynton

Date to be confirmed

24th March

Folio review L&CPU


7th April

Open Competition – any subject

Up to 3 digital and up to 3 prints – colour or mono.


21st April

Annual General Meeting followed by

Knock out competition – ‘In the style of’ (image based on a photographer of your choice)



28th April

Kenya , A Photographic Safari

Keith Barber presents images of the wildlife of the region and images of the country, it's people and living conditions. Keith talks about equipment and settings and techniques used to capture the images shown. 

19th May


Photography Talk - Oliver Wright, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

2nd June

Annual review of images and ‘Photographer of the Year’ Trophy presented.